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The Journey Camp is an incredible summer camp located in the mountains of North Georgia that serves churches and youth groups all across the southeastern United States. As great as it is, we couldn’t do it without an amazing camp staff – college students who choose to spend 5 weeks of their summers to serve. But who says service can’t be fun? We hike, swim, and slip-n-slide (among other things), all while hanging out with kids who God can impact through YOU! If you want to spend your summer doing something meaningful and fun, apply now!

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Job Description

Any of the tasks in the areas below could be assigned to you as a member of our camp staff.
  • Carry out registration, orientation, worship and late night assignments.
  • Consider every moment an opportunity for ministry.
  • Engage students & leaders in meaningful, Christ-centered conversation at all times.
  • Insure the safety and comfort of all students/leaders at all times. Report any misconduct.
  • Setup and cleanup
  • Perform duties with camp set-up and breakdown
  • Participate in other responsibilities related to being a part of The Journey Camp Staff
  • Work in the Camp Office and help with daily office tasks
  • Communicate with church leaders before/after camp and assist as needed
  • Assist with housing details
  • Manage registration, key distribution, nametags, t-shirt distribution
  • Contact church group leaders ahead of time to find out their plans and assist as needed
  • Serve as an “On Call” contact for church leaders
  • Coordinate green room and backstage hospitality
  • Plan and serve all on-site staff meals
  • Coordinate student staffer socials
  • Serve Program Staff with basic needs (child care, local travel, meals, etc.)
  • Assist Resource/Merchandise Coordinator with inventory and bank trips
  • Service camp lost and found
  • Coordinate any mailing/shipping needs for camp
  • Setup recreation field/court for each recreation session
  • Oversee and run daily recreation/activity time
  • Build relationships with students while providing a Christ-like example
  • Provide energy and motivation to all campers
  • Assist other recreation leaders during recreation time
  • Report accidents, problems, and improvements to recreation director
  • Lead a brief devotion for your students at the end of recreation when appropriate
  • When and where is The Journey Camp?

    The Journey Camp is held at Toccoa Falls College in Georgia. Staff Training begins on the Friday before Week 1. Your summer commitment is complete at the conclusion of Week 5 on Friday at 2:00PM, following breakdown. If you hope to work with us, please plan to be a part of ALL staff training. Please do NOT apply and ask for an exception, because it is important to attend training. All staff are off for the holiday week of July 4, but should plan to report back to camp on Sunday afternoon following the 4th of July.

  • Do I need to be at camp the entire summer?

    Of course…are you joking?! You will have some time off on the weekends in between camp Weeks 1, 2, and 3 beginning Friday after lunch through Sunday morning. You can expect special “Camp Staff Only” social events. All of our staff attend! Only one meal is provided during the weekend however, so please plan accordingly.

  • Is there an age requirement for working staff?

    Yes. You must be 19 years old or completed one year of college by the summer of 2020.

  • When can I turn in my application?

    Applications can be submitted anytime between November 2 and March 1. Any applications received after March 1 will not be considered.

  • Will I be interviewed for the position?

    All new staff will have a phone/Skype interview. A face-to-face interview is preferred. Interviews could be scheduled as early as mid-January.

  • Can I pick the activities where I would like to serve?

    We will do our best to accommodate your requests but please be flexible and prepared to run various activities. We realize that there are non-athletes out there. Some of our campers lack athleticism too. (Jokes on you!). Just kidding. We need you operating where you are most comfortable and gifted, but you will also be stretched this summer.

  • How much do The Journey Camp summer employees make?

    Salaries range between $175 to $200/week, depending on the position and experience in youth/camp ministry.

  • When will I find out about the job?

    Within 2 weeks of your interview at the earliest – March 15 at the latest.

  • How do I schedule arriving and departing for the summer?

    The Journey Camp Director will coordinate with you based on your travel needs. You are responsible to get to camp, even if that means hitch-hiking.

  • Can I bring my own vehicle if I want to?

    Yes. But driving your vehicle on or off campus during a camp week without specific direction or permission from a Camp Director is prohibited… donuts in the TFC parking lot and 4-wheeling on campus like warriors is also out of bounds.

  • What if I need to leave for an event (wedding, emergency, etc)?

    We’ll work with you, dude! Every effort should be made to avoid any absence during the summer. Concerning weddings, exceptions will be considered if the dates occur on a weekend, and you present the details well ahead of time (during your interview).

  • What are the housing arrangements for the summer? Where do we stay?

    You will stay on the campus of Toccoa Falls College in dorm rooms or apartments. You, as a staff member, are responsible for bringing appropriate bedding for the summer. Apartments have refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves. Feel free to bring food. Laundry is also easily accessible, but you will need your own detergent (and lots of quarters!).

  • Can my friends and family come visit me during the summer?

    Guests are usually ok with us if space is available. Overnight stay must be pre-arranged in a local hotel or on campus when/if available. You must contact a Camp Director BEFORE CAMP with the exact night that they will be visiting, and include their name, phone number, and gender. Please schedule visits towards the end of the week, if at all possible. When staying on campus, fees for overnight stays will apply. Please do NOT invite guests on the first day of camp or you will likely be flogged. Guests need not stay more than 1 night, unless you have permission from our Camp Director. No visitors can be housed at Journey Camp at the Beach.

  • What expenses will I have during the summer?

    While on a campus, you do not have to pay for room and board. You may want money for laundry, Wal-Mart runs, supplemental money for meals on weekends (remember we only provide ONE meal over the weekend of Week 1 and Week 2!), and any other spending you intend to do on weekends. Overall, the summer provides a great opportunity for you to save money because expenses are few.


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    Love Africa Mission

    Any applicants accepted for The Journey Camp staff are also eligible to participate in SHORT TERM MISSIONS with Love Africa Mission. Should you decide to join us on mission next summer, you will receive a loyalty bonus for your summer at The Journey Camp. Any Love Africa alumni applying for camp will receive the same bonus.
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